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The N.E.W. LIFE Online Program

If you want to join a N.E.W. LIFE program but your schedule or circumstances prevent you from doing so, or if you enjoy computer-based learning and prefer to participate in the N.E.W. LIFE program from the comfort and convenience of your own home, you can now join                          N.E.W. LIFE Online.

Online provides the same excellent nutrition education, and the opportunity to submit Food Diaries (optional!) electronically or by mail for personalized feedback, accountability, and to assist in the application of the recommendations.


Available now! 50% sale!

N.E.W. LIFE Basic Online includes Sessions 1 & 2 of the 10-week program (which can stand alone from the rest of the 10-session program). 
1/2-price sale (discounted from $40 to $20 for both sessions).

Important Note:

Individuals in the following categories are required to have the
Eating Plan exchanges
individually determined:

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  Women who weigh less than 120 pounds or more than 200 pounds with a goal of weight-loss

who weigh less than 180 pounds or more than 220 pounds with a goal of weight-loss
•  Diabetics

•  Hypoglycemics

•  Pregnant and breastfeeding women

•  Individuals who for other health reasons must be under the care of a physician when adjusting diet and activity (i.e., individuals on high blood pressure medication) 

                and individuals in the following categories:
The additional cost for individualized exchanges is $40,
which is 1/3 of a Registered Dietitian individual consultation fee.
N.E.W. LIFE Online w/ Individualized Exchanges
•  N.E.W. LIFE is a comprehensive 10-week nutrition education/behavior   modification program which teaches people HOW to eat a diet for optimal health, energy, prevention of lifestyle disease and successful weight loss.

•  N.E.W. LIFE teaches people HOW to eat according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association, National Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, & the National Cholesterol Education Program.

•  N.E.W. LIFE participants develop a healthier relationship with food.
N.E.W. LIFE Online
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See what
N.E.W. LIFE participants and alumni say . . .
Questions?  Contact newlife@newlifeforhealth.com
Gain valuable and personalized information in a simple, convenient and cost-effective manner.  Simply attend wherever you have a computer. 

No travel. 

No weather cancellations. 
Strong evidence from the well-respected  Lyon Diet Heart Study in support of the Mediterranean diet, and only one-hour's instruction . . .

             Cultural Models of Eating

"The study was meant to last for 5 years, but after looking at the rates of death, heart attacks and angina it was stopped after 2 years because of a marked difference . . . in the Mediterranean diet group. This group had a
70% reduction in all cause mortality, including heart attack and angina . . . These differences in mortality occurred despite similar levels of blood lipids, blood pressure, body mass index and smoking . . .  After 4 years, overall death rates and cancer deaths were respectively 56% and 61% lower among patients eating the Mediterranean diet . . .

"In other words, the protective effect of the Mediterranean diet has been shown after 2 years and now 4 years, suggesting it is not only effective but robust.
The chances of dying from a heart attack (and cancer) were more than halved in those who had received only a one-hourís instruction on the benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet...

"What is particularly interesting about this study is that it is possible to achieve positive health benefits with relatively little dietary education.
Just learning about the diet seemed to be enough to lead to major lifestyle changes, whereas previously it has been thought that dietary change is a complicated process requiring major health educational input. However, the magnitude of this effect, and its robustness over time is enough to suggest that this type of eating can be promoted more widely."
Give the gift of health for Christmas--
real help for yourself and loved ones to succeed with those well-intentioned  (but hard to fulfill)
"New Year's Resolutions".