N.E.W. LIFE teaches people HOW to eat according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association, National Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, & the National Cholesterol Education Program.
N.E.W. LIFE is NOT a "diet program".  Diets wreak physical, emotional and spiritual havoc.  N.E.W. LIFE will help you avoid the "diet mentality" and bring health back to your life.
N.E.W. LIFE assists people to permanent weight loss, going far beyond the goal of a healthy body weight to overall wellness.
N.E.W. LIFE helps people restore a healthy relationship with food and overcome barriers to change.
N.E.W. LIFE is the most cost-affordable comprehensive option available, taught by Registered Dietitians, offering nutrition education, accountability, and group support for improved health and effective weight loss.

Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness for LIFE

Do you have low energy, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes/diabetes, obsessive food behavior, or desire weight loss?

Have you "failed" on diets?

Nervous about changes to healthcare
Your best option is to prevent disease, perhaps moreso
now than ever before. . .

Improve your health, energy and prevent disease,
maintain healthy weight & develop a healthy relationship
with food/body.

N.E.W. LIFE is a comprehensive 10-week nutrition education/behavior modification program which teaches people
HOW to eat a diet for optimal health, energy, prevention of lifestyle disease and successful weight loss.
    Questions? e-mail: newlife@newlifeforhealth.com
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10-Week Online N.E.W. LIFE Program
virtual nutriton education/behavior modification program
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Welcome to N.E.W. LIFE!

Nutrition Educator, Registered Dietitian, owner, developer & instructor of the N.E.W. LIFE (Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness for LIFE) 10-week nutrition education/behavior modification program and N.E.W. LIFE Kids! 8-week parent/child program; oversees certification & assistance of N.E.W. LIFE Dietitians; individual nutrition counselor; author, speaker, radio hostess and guest; past facilitation of support/recovery groups for food & body image obsessions and author of Restoring the Blessing: Freedom from Bondage to Food & Body Image; numerous published articles and "Nutrition for Athletes" chapter in Advances in Sports Medicine and Fitness, Vol. II (Yearbook Medical Publishers); instructor of 75 ten-week "Slim For Life" programs for American Heart Association of Colorado; Aimes Community College CHE 105 Introductory Nutrition instructor.  In a past life--elite gymnast, coach and judge.  Currently nutrition educator/Registered Dietitian, girls gymnastics judging official and mother of three boys.
                      What N.E.W. LIFE alumni say:

  “A lifelong knowledge of a healthy simple formula for       balanced eating.”

•  “I am free of the body image/self esteem problem I used to have.  I have the most up-to-date information in order to make healthy choices.  I no longer chain myself to deprivation diets--but I feel great, about myself and my health.”

•  Energy level: “definite improvement.”

•  “Finally understood the overall picture--not just following this vitamin trend or that supplement fad or whatever.”

•  “Came away with a plethora of nutritional information.”

•  “Made eating healthier much easier after 10 weeks with N.E.W. LIFE.”

“It’s a terrific program!  Very educational and motivational!”

“I’m glad I took it.”

“I have a healthier perspective on food & body image.”

“It’s an absolutely terrific class!”

“Great program--I’m always remembering something out of it to share with someone.”

Community, worksite, church, medical and online programs
Available Now!   50% off sale!
N.E.W. LIFE Basic Online includes Sessions 1 & 2 of the 10-week program (which can stand alone from the rest of the 10-session program).  1/2-price sale (discounted from $40 to $20 for both sessions).

Gain valuable information and personalized instruction in a simple, easy, convenient and cost-effective manner.  Simply attend wherever yoiu have a computer. 

No travel. 

No weather cancellations. 
including The South Beach Diet and Eat Right 4 Your Type
N.E.W. LIFE corporate, community, medical and church programs are held at a variety of host sites including BlueCross BlueShield of Colorado, Poudre Valley Hospital, Ivinson Memorial Hospital (Laramie, Wyoming), Littleton Adventist Hospital (Littleton, Colorado), Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital (Cherokee, Iowa), Fayette County Memorial Hospital (Washington Court House, Ohio), Westchester Medical Group (White Plains, New York), numerous churches, health clubs, doctor’s offices, City of Fort Collins Human Resources, Platte River Power Authority, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, REA Building, Fort Collins Women’s Clinic, Edora Pool & Ice Center, Chilson Recreation Center, University of Montana, Colorado State University, The Women’s Club (Missoula, Montana), Paul Stock Center (Cody, Wyoming), Worland Health Club (Worland, Wyoming), Breaking Bread Cafe (Central Islip, NY).
Give the gift of health for Christmas--
real help for yourself and loved ones
to succeed with those well-intentioned
"New Year's Resolutions"
With a doctor's shortage on the horizon, it is all the more important to prevent disease . . .

From Reuters Health:

Most internists don't plan to stay in primary care

"Mayo Clinic's Dr. Colin West and Dr. Denise Dupras reported Tuesday
[12-4-12] in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

'There have been recent estimates that in the next decade or so, we may be as much as 50,000 primary care physicians short in the United States,' West said.

That's due to a combination of factors, such as older doctors retiring and more people getting insurance through health care reform and needing a general doctor, he told Reuters Health.

'Our study suggests that current numbers of graduates planning general medicine careers won't come anywhere near meeting that shortage,' West said."